Monday, March 7, 2016

Six Month Smiles: Why Choose Tooth-Colored Braces?

With so many options available for cosmetically appealing braces, it can be hard to determine which option will best suit your needs and integrate with your lifestyle. Clear removable aligner therapy has become popular, but it may not be ideal for every patient. For those who want predictably straighter teeth without the appearance of silver metal braces, Six Month Smiles® offers an attractive alternative.

Patients seeking tooth-colored braces should know that Six Months Smiles® offer the following benefits over clear, removable aligner therapy:

Patient Compliance - While clear aligners can certainly be effective at straightening teeth, patients can affect final results by not wearing their aligners for the recommended time. Because the trays are removable, it’s tempting to leave them out more often or to forget to replace them after meal times. Because Six Month Smiles® utilizes tooth-colored brackets that are bonded to teeth, your appliances are working consistently toward your goal smile and still look as low-profile as possible. Patient compliance in wearing appliances for the recommended time is not a factor with Six Month Smiles®.

Speedy Treatment Time - Because brackets are non-removable, your tooth-colored braces are doing their job day and night of re-aligning your teeth. As Six Month Smiles® focuses on realignment to benefit aesthetics, treatment can take as little as six months. Compared to a full treatment of metal braces that are utilized to correct bite alignment for functional reasons, Six Month Smiles® correction of mild to moderate orthodontic issues helps you see a more attractive smile in less time. Patients also cannot negatively impact their treatment timeline by removing their appliances and preventing them from doing their job.

Convenience - Some patients find removable clear aligners to be the ultimate in tooth-colored orthodontics; however it’s important to keep in mind that, because clear aligners can be removed throughout the day, patients must take good care of them and remember to wear them at least 22 hours each day. It’s not uncommon for patients to forget their aligners at home, accidentally throw them away, or lose them by taking them out too frequently. Clear aligners can also become scuffed or scratched if not cared for properly, making them less invisible on teeth. Six Month Smiles® is a hassle-free way to straighten teeth that does not involve babysitting your removable aligners all day.

Six Month Smiles with Dr. Wright

For minor to moderate misalignment issues, Six Month Smiles® provides a different kind of patient convenience and remains natural-looking for those who are concerned about the aesthetic quality of traditional braces.  If you have questions about tooth-colored braces from our Colorado Springs Six Month Smiles dentist, please contact our office today.

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